When the kids are off from school because of Spring Break or summer vacation, divorced parents might run into problems if they both want to go on family trips. Here are some tips for avoiding custody issues when it’s time for a vacation.

Except the Unexpected

A custody order may have a procedure in place for trips with the kids, but parenting plans can’t cover everything. You might have the opportunity to stay at a friend’s beach house for free during a time when the other parent has physical custody, or the other parent could wish to spend more time away than is allotted in your parenting plan. Whether your vacation ideas follow established protocol or not, it’s best to communicate with the other parent in advance as this gives you time to handle concerns and compromise or make changes as necessary.

Send Friendly Reminders

If parents and kids both have busy schedules, it’s easy to get confused about what is happening when. To ensure everything goes smoothly, send written reminders about an upcoming vacation so that the other parent is aware of the trip and won’t make other plans for the kids. In the worst-case scenario, having documentation helps if you end up going to court.

Learn from Your Mistakes

If you had a vacation disaster and you’re afraid it will happen again, you may need to go to family law court for a custody order modification. Whether you’re drafting a custody plan or editing it, here are a couple options:

  • Divide physical custody differently in the summer months
  • Alternate years for vacation time
  • Create an informal way to request a schedule deviation
  • Document conversations about vacations that deviate from court orders

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