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Divorce doesn’t just hurt you and your ex-spouse, it hurts your children too. If you or your ex have to move away, life becomes even more complicated. Sharing custody can become downright expensive, though you should do your best to keep both parents in your children’s lives.

Here are some tips to share custody when you don’t live near the other parent.

  • Be willing to do what it takes to make it work. You need to know that you want both parents in your children’s lives and be willing to do what it takes, including drive a few hours on a regular basis so your children can see their other parent. You may spend vacations and holidays together in order to let your children have both parents in their lives.
  • Utilize school and summer vacations. Once your children go to school, it is even harder to see the other parent, especially if a plane ride is involved. For this reason, make sure that they can spend ample time together on school and summer breaks.
  • Share the commuting costs. The cost of transportation back and forth can be expensive, especially if it involves a plane ride. For this reason, both parents should share the cost to get the children back and forth. It shouldn’t be one person’s responsibility to always pay for the children to visit both parents.

Even though it can be hard and expensive, your children need both parents in their lives. For this reason, you should work together to ensure that your children get to spend time with both of you.

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