Getting divorced can be one of the scariest things that you may have to go through. Telling your children can be even worse. More people fight over their children than anything else. Joint custody is the  best for children, allowing them to have both of their parents remain in their life.

However, joint custody can be really hard. Here are some tips to make joint custody work.

  • Be dedicated to making it work. The first step is wanting joint custody to work. If one or both of you are not sure, there is a good possibility that it won’t. Instead, if you are both willing to do what it takes to make the divorce as easy on your children as possible, it will find a way to work out.
  • Find homes or apartments close together. It is easier to shuffle your children back and forth if you only live a few minutes away from each other. This also makes it easier if they need help from their dad but they are with their mom.
  • Be flexible. It is important to give and take if you want your children to have a healthy relationship with both of their parents. If the other parent wants to do something special with the children, let him or her. That way, if something opposite comes up, you will be able to take them somewhere too!

Even though it is really hard, sharing joint custody is truly the best for your children. They are able to have both of their parents in their lives so they don’t really feel like they are missing out. For this reason, you should do the best that you can to make it work!

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