9.7Susan M. Hais

Divorce litigation is often complex, time-consuming and involves a multitude of factors for consideration. Finding the right attorneys to handle these matters with clear strategy, and your success in mind is difficult, but not impossible. Hais, Hais & Goldberger has established its reputation for continued success in this domain, and we continue to set a high industry standard.

1) Our experience sets us apart

Founded in 1993, we have over two decades of experience within family and divorce law, and our results demonstrate our well-established reputation. We are well-versed in Missouri’s legal process, and can successfully navigate through complex proceedings. Our longevity and experience in this sphere are the foundations on which we build to craft winning legal strategies for you.

2) Our attorneys have the right expertise

Our experience is complemented by our team, and we have the right level of expertise to help guide you through complex proceedings to get the best results. Our team has decades of experience within family and divorce law, and passionate about the field. Our collective experience and expertise ensures that you will find the right team to fight on your behalf. You can learn more about our team and our unique expertise here.

3) We are solely focused on your success

Because we are solely focused on family law, we are better able to serve your needs – and our testimonialsspeak to that. We are dedicated to your case, and understanding the differentiating factors and how to use within our legal strategy. Instead of becoming just another client, we strive to ensure that you have a team that understands you and your unique circumstances.

To learn more about our experience, expertise or for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.