9.7Susan M. Hais

While most people want to get divorced so they can get on, others spend months (and even years) fighting in courtrooms. There are new ways to get divorced and one way is called a collaborative divorce.

What this means is that both parties are willing to work with their lawyers to find a solution that works for everyone. It is a respectful alternative to fighting it all out. However, it doesn’t work for every divorce.

For this reason, you should ask yourself some questions to determine whether or not a collaborative divorce will be right for you.

  • Are both of you committed to getting divorced as easily as possible? Or is someone going to want to fight over every little thing? Does one of you have to be right and win the divorce or can you come up with a solution calmly?
  • Are both of you willing to discuss your finances freely in order to come to an agreement that works for everyone? Will you work together to make sure that both of you will have enough money after the divorce is over?
  • Once an agreement is met, are both of you willing to follow it? Will you pay child or spousal support as needed, without the involvement of the courts?
  • If there are children involved, are you dedicated to working together to raise your children? If something comes up, will you work with your ex to make sure that your children are always taken care of properly?

Getting divorced is never easy. However, by taking it away from the courtroom, it doesn’t have to be so challenging. If both you and your ex are prepared to talk through everything without going to court, you should try to get divorced as amicably as possible.

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