9.7Susan M. Hais

Although it is particularly rare, there are several cases in which two parties divorce, and then somewhere later down the line decide to give it another shot and remarry. When it comes to re-marrying a spouse you already divorced, it is possible, but the odds will be highly stacked against you. You shouldn’t re-marry for the sake of your children or financial reasons, but rather because you realized you really did love each other and worked well together.

Often in successful cases of re-marriage, the divorce was rushed into too hastily. It is easy enough to put irreconcilable differences as the reason on your divorce papers, but that doesn’t mean that is always necessarily true. Unfortunately, divorce is usually a permanent solution and reconciled couples will have to deal with a lot of potential hardship.

For this reason, it is very important to take the rekindled relationship slowly. Re-marriage should be years down the line after you have gotten back together, and in that time, there are steps you should be taking. The first and most important step is to visit a marriage counselor. You divorced for a reason, and you need to address all the reasons that you were unhappy enough in a relationship to get divorced previously.

Alongside relationship counseling, you need to recognize that your world will be against you on this. This really will put the test to your new relationship with your ex-spouse. Your parents may disagree, your friends may disagree, and you will need to prove to them that it can work this time. However, more importantly, you need to be able to endure and overcome all the potential scorn to prove to yourselves that this can work.

When re-marrying an ex-spouse, if you have made it through the rocky road of dating again and realize you really do want to make the commitment, then it may be worthwhile to also consider pre-nuptial agreement as well just to make things easier if it does not work out again. Divorce is an expensive process for both parties and wasted money if they just keep getting back together again. If you are considering re-marrying an ex-spouse and want to discuss any legal issues that may arise from it, contact us today.