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3 Reasons Not to Represent Yourself in Family Law Court

Family Law proceedings can be difficult to endure alone, and representing yourself pro se will almost certainly result in frustration and confusion. Regardless of how confident and prepared you might think you are before appearing in court, there will still likely be...

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Changing Your Name After Divorce

After a divorce, people sometimes want to change their names. Some women, for example, might want to change their names back to what they were before. Some men, especially if they have adopted a different name upon marriage (say, a hyphenated name between their wife's...

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Bridging the Great Divide

Tensions can be high at the end of a relationship, especially if one side didn't want the relationship to end. When you have children together you can't just move on with your life. The other parent of your child will always be in your life, so it's important to...

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Preparing for Financial Mediation

Not all asset division needs to occur within the confines of a courtroom. In fact, it benefits both parties if they can come to some agreement through mediation as it is typically the more affordable alternative. However, you should never enter mediation empty-handed....

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