Divorce and Pet Custody

Family pets can complicate a divorce. In Missouri, they are property, but their value and assignment are considered differently than other types of property. Here are some of the issues related to the family pet that need to be considered before decisions are made. A...

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What Sole Custody Means for the Other Parent

When it comes to child custody, the court system believes that it is typically in the best interests of a child to maintain a relationship with both of their parents. It is this belief that often pushes a court's decision towards joint custody where both parents share...

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3 Apps to Keep You Organized while Co-Parenting

3 Apps to Keep You Organized while Co-Parenting Whose turn is it to pick up the kids from school? Can I claim my son on taxes this year? When is the next child support payment due? Parenting between two households can be difficult. There's a lot to keep track of....

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