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How to Keep Divorce from Affecting Your Career

When you are starting the divorce process, you often think it won't affect much outside of your family. Unfortunately, divorce has a way of snaking its tendrils into every aspect of your life, from your nightly dreams all the way to your career. However, you don't...

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More Tips for a Child Custody Battle

Child custody battles are common because no parents want to lose their children. They forget about their children's wants and needs. All they care about is their own. However, child custody doesn't have to be a battle. By putting your children first and being...

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Co-Parenting in High Conflict Relationships

There are myriad benefits for a child that has both parents in their life. Even if those parents get divorced, by engaging in co-parenting, both parents continue to support their child to the fullest. However, co-parenting is only truly a good option if both parents...

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Tips for a Child Custody Battle

All too often, child custody becomes a battle. No one wants to lose their children, no matter how it affects them. Emotions run high and parents may do whatever it takes to keep their children. Many play dirty and nobody comes out of it a winner, not even the...

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Divorce and Financial Aid

Divorce is eminent, and your baby is going to college. This is an exciting time for parents and children alike, but the financial demands of a child attending college can be a stressor. There are a few important facts to keep in mind to help guide you through the maze...

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