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The Basics of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order

Divorce by its nature focuses on the present and near future, with an emphasis on both parties being treated equitably and being able to live reasonably. Since marriage is a financial foundation for most people, some care should be given to the further future,...

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What to Do When You Foresee Divorce in Your Future

While it can occasionally happen, divorce doesn't just come out of nowhere. Sometimes you can just sit back and watch your marriage crumble. When that happens, it is unlikely you will stay together if you are no longer in love, especially in this day and age when...

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Calling Your Children as a Co-Parent

After a divorce and beginning a new co-parenting schedule, you will soon realize that everything is a little more complicated. Even the act of calling your child can become an affair with anxiety. As a co-parent should you call your child while they are with the other...

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