Domestic Violence Affects Men as Well as Women

When you hear the words "domestic violence," what image comes to your mind first? A girlfriend with a black eye? A wife curled up in fear? What about a husband shrinking back into the couch? While the first two are commonplace, the third isn't usually what comes to...

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Popular Divorce Terms: Discovery

Discovery is the process through which parties of a legal procedure obtain evidence about each other. In Missouri, discovery can include written or oral depositions, requests for production of documents, requests for permission to enter a property for examination,...

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The Requirements for Filing a Joint Petition

Not all divorces need to be messy. Sometimes a married couple realizes that they are two different people and their marriage just isn’t working for either of them. The easiest way to divorce is to file a dissolution summary, but those are for people without kids or...

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Order of Protection

A victim of domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault can ask for an order of protection. A victim can ask for protection from abuser to prevent further abuse of threats of abuse or violence including sexual assault and stalking. Orders of protection can be...

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