Preventing Financial Misconduct During a Divorce

When divorcing, if one spouse is caught hiding money or other financial assets they put themselves at great risk for serious consequences. If caught by the courts, they take what is referred to as financial misconduct very seriously. Often, when caught, it will skew...

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Should You Appeal a Family Law Decision?

Have you come out of a divorce or a family law case with a decision you don't agree with? Then it is within your rights to appeal that decision providing you do it within the appeal time limit for the state of Missouri. However, it is important that those seeking to...

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Co-Parenting During the Holidays

The holidays should be filled with laughter, joy, and endless sweets. They should not be time spent worrying about your parenting time schedule or feeling lonely or angry. We know that sharing your children during the holidays is difficult, but if you take the steps...

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Coping With Divorce During the Holidays

The holidays are what divorce lawyers like to call a yearly perfect storm. There are a lot of stressors in a person's life that can be the last straw in their marriage, but none of that stress comes around on at the same time every year like the holidays do. Whether...

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What to Do When Your Parenting Time is Denied

Being denied parenting time is a frustrating experience. A repeated denial of parenting time can be heartbreaking. If you have tried talking to the other parent about your missed time with no results, there are some steps you can take to help regain your time....

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