Order of Protection

A victim of domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault can ask for an order of protection. A victim can ask for protection from abuser to prevent further abuse of threats of abuse or violence including sexual assault and stalking. Orders of protection can be...

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Popular Divorce Terms: Property Division

Property Division is a necessary constituent of the divorce process. Listed here, are a few terms including basic definitions to give you an idea of the aspects involved in this portion of the marriage dissolution procedure. Marital Property All property obtained...

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Popular Activities for Divorced Families

The current trend is for children to have equal access to both of their parents through a time-sharing schedule. This works best if both parents are willing to share responsibilities for their kids. When parents can get along well enough, maybe for one to two hours at...

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What is Domestic Violence?

It has become painfully evident to you that you are in a marriage or domestic partnership where your spouse or partner has been making you feel bad, not only about yourself but also about your relationship. You believe that your spouse or partner is trying to...

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