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When you have children, your ex-husband (or wife) is going to be in your life for the rest of it. You are going to have to learn to co-parent together for your children. They didn’t do anything wrong and they deserve to have both parents in their lives. Before you can co-parent, you (or the courts) have to decide what the terms of child custody is going to be.

Legal custody determines who is going to be able to make all non-emergency legal decisions for your children. This includes their health, education, and much more. There are several options that can be discussed.

Joint legal custody allows both parents to make all of the decisions about their children together. Each parent has equal rights to make decisions about their children.

Though this is usually the best option, you are going to have to learn how to work together for your children. You are going to have to put your differences aside and talk through your child’s issues. It can be very challenging for parents.

Sole legal custody gives one parent the right to make all of the decisions. Though many parents worry this means that they won’t be able to see their children, this is simply not true. Sole legal custody has nothing to do with visitation. It just means that one parent is allowed to make all of the decisions about the children.

So, how can you decide what is best? Though most people don’t want to give up legal custody of their children, there are times when it is the best thing for the children. Both parents need to talk to an attorney and work together to come up with a child custody agreement that works for everyone (especially your children)!

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