9.7Susan M. Hais

Deciding child custody can be the hardest part of getting divorced. It shouldn’t be decided lightly. Too many parents want to punish their exes by taking their children away but that is not the right attitude.Your children didn’t do anything wrong. They don’t deserve to have their whole life uprooted and changed (though it is likely to happen). In order to decide child custody, it is important that you work with your ex and the court to determine what is best for your children. So, how can you decide?

First, everyone has to be committed to looking out for the best interest of the children. 

Though you are hurting, your children are too. Their wants and needs should be considered before anyone else’s.

Which parent has more time to be a parent?

Often, children stay with their mother because they are used to being taken care of by her. Many mothers stay at home in order to give their children the best care. Though they will need to find a job, they are the parent that the children are most used to.This is not always the case as many fathers have stepped up in the raising of their children. Joint custody and co-parenting is much more popular because both parents want to be very involved in their children’s lives.

The parents and courts should also consider the relationship between parent and child. 

There are many times when a child has a better relationship with one parent over the other. They may feel more comfortable living with one over the other because they simply get along better.

Deciding child custody is never easy. It is hard to look at what your children want and need, before your own. Though you may not want to just see your children on the weekends, you have to look at your lifestyle to see if you have the time to parent full-time.

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