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All too often, child custody becomes a battle. No one wants to lose their children, no matter how it affects them. Emotions run high and parents may do whatever it takes to keep their children. Many play dirty and nobody comes out of it a winner, not even the children.

Here are some tips for getting through a child custody battle.

Hire a lawyer. Your best bet for winning child custody is hiring the best lawyer that you can. He or she will work with you so that you can keep your children (or at least see them regularly).

Remember that it is about your children. Both of you (and your lawyers) need to put your children first. They are hurting and their wants and needs are more important than your own.

If everyone remembers that you are deciding on the best way to care for your children, child custody should be simpler. Shared custody is usually best for the children, as soon as their parents learn to get along.

Keep your feelings to yourself. Too many parents talk about their exes in front of their children. This is not the time or place to get your children involved in your divorce. Your children love their other parent and it is not fair for you to be always putting him or her down. Your children may end up resenting you for it.

Extended families should be considered during custody. Children shouldn’t lose their extended family when their parents are getting a divorce. They need the support of their grandparents, aunts, and uncles during this time. They also deserve to spend time with their cousins.

Because of this, when you are deciding about custody, you should make an agreement about the extended family. Your children should be able to attend family gatherings and spend time with their relatives, no matter who has the children.

Deciding what is best for your children can sometimes become a child custody battle. However, if everyone agrees to put their children first and work together, everything goes much smoother!

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