9.7Susan M. Hais

Child custody battles are common because no parents want to lose their children. They forget about their children’s wants and needs. All they care about is their own. However, child custody doesn’t have to be a battle. By putting your children first and being committed to working together with your ex, your children can still have good lives.

Here are some more tips for getting through a child custody battle.

Be realistic when it comes to your children. Most parents just want their children. They don’t look at their lives and how parenting will fit into it.

If you work sixty hours a week, you are not going to be able to take care of your children after school, like the other parent may be able to. It will work out better if you take them during the weekends when you have some free time.

You also need to look at your children’s ages, as well as their needs. Again, you need to be realistic. If your children are young and they are used to one parent watching them while the other works, you should try to continue that. If you have a daughter, she is going to need her mother, especially if she is a teenager. If your children play sports, who is going to be able to take them back and forth to practices or can you work together to do so?

If your children are old enough, listen to their thoughts and feelings. Though all children should be able to talk about their feelings, older children may want to live with one parent over another. They deserve to have their feelings heard and, if possible, their wishes granted.

No matter how bad you want your children, you have to be realistic. You may not have the time (like your ex) to take care of them properly. You need to look at their ages and needs to determine what is best for them. If they are old enough, listen to their thoughts and keep them in the loop during the whole process.

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