9.7Susan M. Hais

When you are starting the divorce process, you often think it won’t affect much outside of your family. Unfortunately, divorce has a way of snaking its tendrils into every aspect of your life, from your nightly dreams all the way to your career. However, you don’t need to let the stress and other demands of your divorce ruin a job you love or otherwise need. If you want to keep divorce from affecting your work life, consider these tips.

  • Keep Your Supervisor Informed – As soon as you know a court date or any other mandatory meeting, you should inform your boss so you can set to get the time off as soon as possible. Waiting until the last second makes it complicated for you and your boss, but giving as much notice as possible will reflect well.
  • Try to Make Up Time – While it depends on what sort of job you have, if you have to take time off or leave early, spend the days without divorce-related activities trying to make up the time. If you have work you need to get done or big projects you need to keep up with, you’ll want to take time off of your personal time and make sure your work doesn’t fall behind.
  • Limit Divorce Talk at Work – You might want someone to talk to, and those someone’s might be your co-workers. However, while it is okay to give updates, don’t let divorce talk consume your water cooler work chats. Instead of constantly talking about your fears or complaints with the divorce with your co-workers, it might be best to seek out a friend outside of work or a psychologist.

Not letting a divorce affect your career isn’t always simple, but it is a lot less complicated than some other areas of the process. If you need help with the divorce process, contact us today.