9.7Susan M. Hais

For some divorced or separated couples with children, the decision to co-parent comes with a few bumps in the road, but for the most part goes smoothly after the adjustment. However, there are those cases where it just seems impossible to co-parent with your ex-spouse because every action you take, they fight back against. They willfully go against your seemingly reasonable wishes and make everything more difficult and contentious.

What do you do about an aggressive co-parent? Perhaps you decide to be the bigger person and just not engage them. Unfortunately, this just means they will continue their actions and it completely undermines and derails the way you want to raise your children. Alternatively, you could confront them to make sure you don’t get stepped all over, but that just creates high emotions and arguments. Usually it results in arguing and even more aggressive behavior that you likely don’t want your children around.

All in all, it seems like you just can’t win no matter what path you take. However, there is a third option. You can choose to undergo co-parenting counseling. By both of you meeting with this counselor, it is possible that you two can figure out a schedule and resolve some of the aggression. Your divorce lawyer can help recommend a counselor, but it could potentially be difficult to get the other parent to agree.

Yet, this is the preferable option since it can be expensive to run to court for every infraction. The courts can only help you resolve certain issues when it comes to raising children. They can’t really help you if your ex-spouse, for example, is stuffing your kids full of candy before sending them back to you.

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