9.7Susan M. Hais

The holidays are usually a time of joy, especially when you have children. You want to give them a magical time. However, when you are divorced and co-parenting, it isn’t always easy.

Here are some tips for co-parenting during the holidays.

Make your children a priority.

If you go into the holidays with the plan to make it special for your children, you are on the way to giving them the holiday that they deserve.

Discuss your plans together.

It is important that you sit down and talk to your ex to come up with a plan. Figure out what parties you want them to attend. Talk about other special traditions that you want to give your children.

Make sure that you keep their schedules in mind. If your children nap at the same time every day, you should try to do the same throughout the holidays.

Think about doing some traditions together.

Many parents decide to keep their Christmas traditions together. Instead of having two Christmas mornings, they decide to put their differences aside and give their children a great experience. If the family usually goes caroling together, they might want to try to continue this, even after they are separated.

Don’t go through the holidays alone.

When you get divorced and share custody, there are times when you don’t have your children. This can be hard enough on regular days, but it can be even harder during the holidays.

For this reason, you are going to need to rely on your family and friends to get you through this time. Don’t sit at home without your children. Spend time with those you love, so you don’t feel so alone.

The best way to give your children the holiday that they deserve is to make them a priority. Then, sit down and talk with your ex so that you can come up with a plan that works for everyone, especially your children. Don’t hesitate to try to continue some traditions as a family. It is good for your children!

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