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When you have children, you want the holidays to be special. You want your children to have a good time. However, when you are divorced and co-parenting, it isn’t always easy.

Here are some more tips for co-parenting during the holidays.

Work on being flexible.

Even if you have a set schedule, it is important to be flexible during the holidays. If you are willing to let your ex have the children when he or she wants, your ex might do the same for you. This allows your children to experience every holiday tradition so that they can have the holiday that they deserve.

Come up with some new traditions.

As much as you may love your traditions, as your family changes, you might want to examine them. There are going to be some traditions that you need to keep, some you need to let your ex do with your children, and some you may try to do together. This could also be a good time to find some new traditions for your new family.

Talk about the gifts.

Giving gifts can be so exciting for parents. They want to give their children everything. However, both parents may not be able to give as much as the other. You should talk to your ex and figure out who is going to buy what. You may even want to put a limit on the amount of money so that neither parent feels left out.

When you have time to yourself, use it wisely.

It is very important to take care of yourself all year round. It is even more important during the holidays. Too many parents overdo it and end up feeling frazzled throughout the entire holiday. For this reason, you need to treat yourself to a movie, massage, or anything else that will help you to relax.

It is very important to be flexible during the holiday season. If you both give some, you will be able to share every experience with your children! You might even want to come up with some new traditions for your new family.

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