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3 Apps to Keep You Organized while Co-Parenting

Whose turn is it to pick up the kids from school? Can I claim my son on taxes this year? When is the next child support payment due?

Parenting between two households can be difficult. There’s a lot to keep track of. Fortunately, just like you use your phone (or tablet!) to keep track of everything else in your life, there are a ton of great apps you can use to keep everything organized between you and your other co-parent. Here are three of the top rated co-parenting apps available for both android and iPhone:

  1. OurFamily Wizard

This app will allow you to keep track and share medical information, clothing sizes and school records. Log expenses and payments between families and even transfer money to cover those expenses. This app is part of a paid website and you must be a subscriber to use.

  1. AppClose

AppClose claims to be the number one parenting app on the market. It helps you schedule and organize your time, allows for messages between parents and will track and manage your parenting expenses by creating reports that you can export and print for free. Another great tool, you can submit change requests if something you agreed upon just isn’t going to work anymore.  This app has both a free and a paid version.

  1. Truece

The app for today’s co-parent, Truece will create custom financial reports, split childcare expenses between you and your other co-parent and can connect you with the other parent, grandparents or even your legal team. The app can be used with or without the other parent, so even if they’re not on board, you can still keep things organized. Best of all, this app is 100 percent free.

These apps can be a huge help for keeping everything straight during a divorce, but when you need expert advice and real help navigating arguments between you and your other co-parent,  contact us.