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Family Law proceedings can be difficult to endure alone, and representing yourself pro se will almost certainly result in frustration and confusion. Regardless of how confident and prepared you might think you are before appearing in court, there will still likely be something that you overlooked. This can include a procedure that you failed to follow or a legality that you were unaware of.

Nevertheless, hiring an attorney to represent you in court will not only save you time and stress but will make sure your rights are protected under the law.

Here are three reasons why you should not represent yourself  family law court:

Procedural Law

The procedures associated with the law involve guidelines that you many civilians aren’t aware of, such as registering your appearance or submitting evidence. Judges see pro se litigants often and can get irritated or frustrated when dealing with someone that is unaware of how the law operates. Family law runs on a very clear-cut set of rules and when you’re representing yourself, you’re expected to understand them before you step in front of the court. If you fail to submit documents associated with your case or miss a court date, don’t expect any sympathy or understanding from the judge or the jury.

Emotional Un-Appeal

An individual who represents themselves prose can often have a difficult time dissociating themselves from the case, especially in family law. This can result in failing to present your case in a competent and efficient manner. Your frustration to respond appropriately could very well get the best of you and might result in inappropriate behavior, which will only irritate the judge or the jury and wreak havoc against you.


When a person appears in court pro se, they almost always lack the training, experience, and knowledge necessary to represent themselves successfully. Judges like their courtroom to run smoothly, just as anyone would like an uncomplicated day at work. Thus, being able to communicate with an experienced and trained attorney makes their job easier. Also, your attorney can use his or her connections to resonate a solution with the judge or opposing counsel before the court, which will be less stressful for everyone involved.

We Can Help

The procedural demands, evidentiary requirements, and legal issues of the legal system can be difficult to understand for anyone other than an educated and trained professional who understands and practices the law. With the help of our attorneys, we will ensure that your family law case runs as smoothly as possible.

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