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Types of 50/50 Joint Custody Plans

Most people who are adults today are used to the idea of every-other-weekend child custody. But times are changing. It's acknowledged that a strong relationship with both parents is better for most kids, so 50-50 style custody has become a far more common result of...

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Mastering Co-Parenting

When in the process of filing for or going through divorce proceedings with minor children, you are going to need a law firm that cares about the family. As well, you will need legal professionals familiar with what is involved with successful co-parenting. Do's and...

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Creating a Parenting Plan

What is a Parenting Plan? The purpose of a parenting plan is to outline common parental concerns that may arise during the co-parenting relationship. Considered the governing document, the parenting plan is included in all divorce proceedings or shared parenting cases...

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How to Handle Summer Plans with Joint Custody

Joint physical custody plans usually define how the parents split the summer. Either one parent gets the whole summer because they sacrifice school year weeks, or both parents somehow split the summer down the middle. However, summer vacation, camp, and scout plans...

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Making Joint Custody Work

Divorce is never easy. Add in children, and it becomes even harder. Deciding on child custody can stall a divorce settlement pretty fast. Joint custody is the best arrangement for your children. This allows both you and your ex-spouse time with them so that they have...

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