9.7Susan M. Hais

A no-fault divorce, a popular divorce term, simply means that the marriage is irretrievably broken down. This is the most common type of divorce when no one is at fault to break up the marriage.

Though most people believe that marriages end due to adultery, cruelty, or even desertion, most divorces just kind of slowly fall apart. Most of the time, the two people in a marriage simply realize that they don’t want to be married anymore.

Since this is becoming the most common reason for divorce, a no-fault divorce is a legitimate reason to get divorced. Often, in the paperwork, both couples site irreconcilable differences.

No-fault divorces are actually better for all of those involved. Since both parties simply don’t want to be married anymore, there is usually less conflict during the divorce proceedings. There are less battles in court because they just want to move on with their life.

When there are children involved, a no-fault divorce is much easier. There is less fighting with child custody and child support. Both parents can move on and learn to work together to raise their children together.

Though all states are different, no-fault divorces can be settled rather quickly. Most parties start by separating and then filling out the paperwork. Most of the time, both parties are determined to stay out of the courts, adding an extra expense. Instead, they just want to let go, move on, and start a new life.

Though it is much easier, it still helps to have a lawyer on your side during the divorce. Don’t hesitate to contact our St Louis area divorce attorneys for all of your legal needs.