Due to various privacy concerns, many people have taken to deleting their social media accounts. However, privacy is also a primary concern in divorce, too. As such, you may consider deleting your Facebook or Twitter account to try and protect yourself against a soon-to-be ex-spouse using the information on there against you. However, you may be helping your case, but you may also be hurting it.

The sharing of information on social media goes both ways. If you delete your account, they may not be able to use past information against you, but you will also lose this avenue to use their information against them. For example, during a divorce or a separation leading to divorce, your spouse may post pictures of them having a good time with a new lover or having a party when it was their time to spend with the kids. A new lover or perhaps a picture of your children with alcohol or drugs in the background can be used against them in a divorce or a child custody disagreement.

Furthermore, comments posted on your ex-spouse’s social media page can point a divorce lawyer in the right direction to gather evidence. However, as a two-way street, your account can also be used by your ex-spouse in the same way. If you are considering deleting your social media to gain the edge in your divorce case, you may want to talk it over with your lawyer. If you have a number of particularly incriminating posts and pictures throughout the timeline of your social media, it may be for the best to delete it so it cannot be used as potential evidence.

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