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How Traveling for Work Impacts Child Custody

As child custody is always decided based on a child’s best interests, there is a lot that can affect the court’s decisions. However, one aspect that many parents may not consider is travel. The judge will take both past and future needs to travel in consideration when making a custody decision.

It is unlikely that your week vacation to the Bahamas will have any effect on their custody decision, but if you have shown a frequent need to travel for work in the past and that has the potential to turn into future travel, this can be an issue as it can cause difficulties in setting a schedule.

If your travel for work is frequent, but consistent, you will find fewer issues. Consistency can be planned around; however, if your work often springs unexpected work travel and that travel has, in the past, been extended for various and unexpected reasons, this is where it can cause trouble.

Unexpected travel can be difficult for the courts to plan around. It leads to a lack of stability for the child and a potentially more erratic schedule for everyone involved. If you are amicable with your ex-partner, the judge may agree to a little more flexibility in the parenting plan where both parties agree to accept and forgo parenting time if unexpected travel for work comes up.

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