Divorce is never easy. Add in children, and it becomes even harder. Deciding on child custody can stall a divorce settlement pretty fast.

Joint custody is the best arrangement for your children. This allows both you and your ex-spouse time with them so that they have a relationship with both of you.

However, it isn’t always easy. Here are some tips to make joint custody work.

Think about the children first.

Whenever you are raising children, it is important that you put them first. This is even more true when you are working with your ex-spouse to give them a good life.

Work with your ex-spouse in order to give your children everything that they deserve. If they need the children for a special event, allow him or her to take them. Hopefully, your ex will do the same for you.

Find a way to communicate with your ex.

Though you might not be able to have long conversations anymore, you are going to have to learn to talk to each other about your children and their lives.

Most divorced couples start communicating through email and text messages. After some time has passed, they are able to talk on the phone about their children and some are even able to spend time together at special events. This should be the goal so that your children can have both of their parents with them when it counts.

Don’t talk about each other in front of the children.

Your children look up to both of you and you shouldn’t do anything that might change that fact. Your children don’t deserve to be in the middle so it is important that you keep your feelings to yourself.

If you want to do joint custody right, you need to put your children first. You are also going to have to find ways to communicate with your ex so that you are both on the same page about your children. And, whatever you do, you should never talk badly about each other in front of the children.

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