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What people are saying about Susan Hais:

Hands down Susan Hais and Caitlin Keene are some of the best Divorce attorneys in St Louis. After going through 3 other attorneys in Jefferson Co and getting the shaft from all of them, my case was a complete joke. I found Susan Hais, she took the case and felt I was clearly not being represented correctly. As you can expect I was about ready to just quit and give up, since being honest and truthful does not seem to get you anywhere these days in court. Susan stepped in and told me what to expect and the real costs worse case, to prove everything to go to trial. I did not want to spend anymore but understood. The first court date with Susan the other Attorney pretty much gave up and settled the case finally, I was amazed how worried and nervous he was, I am not sure what The two amazing Attorneys did to the opposing counsel in the Judges chambers, but it felt good to finally see a day in court going right for a man. During the whole remainder of the case Susan and Caitlin were always understanding of keeping their time time and billed fairly, they really worked for me and got it done. I was impressed and I am happy to highly recommend these two amazing Attorneys to several folks so far and will continue to recommend them to everyone I know who is in need of their services. Thanks again guys!!

Ian M.

I had the pleasure of having Susan Hais as my attorney in a tough time. I have nothing but good things to say about her work ethic, professionalism and overall work that she did for me. If you need an attorney, go with Susan Hais.

Child Custody Client

Susan provided excellent and thorough representation through all stages of my motion to modify. She’s professional, supportive and extremely intelligent. I highly recommend Susan.


“I can not say enough good things about Susan Hais who recently handled my child custody case. Even though I hired Susan just a few weeks before the hearing, she was remarkably well prepared on the day of hearing and made me feel totally at ease. Thanks to her vast knowledge and the clarity with which she explained everything to me, I felt very prepared as we entered the courthouse and felt that I was “kept in the loop” throughout the whole process. Susan ultimately helped secure a positive outcome for me and after it is all said and done, I am so relieved and grateful that I chose Hais, Hais & Goldberger and that I had such incredible counsel on my side throughout my case.”

I went to another prominent law firm before Hais and they ONLY cared about how much money they can make on a client. When I changed firms to go to Hais, it was so refreshing to find a lawyer like Susan Hais who truly cared about me as a person, knows her way around the court system and knows how to apply the law when representing her clients.

She definitely cares about justice and is there for her client’s at every stage of the divorce proceeding. I highly recommended her if you need a good divorce lawyer.

Divorce Client

I came to Susan Hais after my divorce case was botched by another attorney. Susan did her best to dig me out of the legal hole I found myself in. She was always up front, never giving me false expectations, and in the end, things worked out as well as I could have expected. She thinks strategically, and moves forward carefully and thoughtfully.

Divorce Client

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