9.7Susan M. Hais

One of the hardest parts of being divorced parents is learning how to get along for the sake of your children and who gets the children when. Most parents eventually find a rhythm for co-parenting successfully, though there are times when it takes years.

You may have a good agreement on child custody and then summer break comes, along with vacations. It can be hard to take a nice trip with your children, if their other parent is not on board.

Here are some tips to take summer vacation as divorced parents.

  • Abide by your child agreement. It is important that custody over summer break is already established prior to that time. Most parents make summer vacations a part of their agreement. Maybe the children will stay with one parent for a week and then the other. If a longer trip is warrented, work together to ensure that your children can have the vacation that they deserve.
  • Be flexible with the agreed on arrangement. Though you should have an arrangement already planned out way in advanced, things come up. Be flexible if you can. Your children may miss out on a last minute vacation if you won’t allow them to go.
  • Make sure that you discuss vacation plans. It is important that your children’s other parent know where they are going, when they are going, and what they will be doing. They deserve to know because they are also a parent.
  • You may want to put vacation plans in writing. It may help if you plan out your vacations and put it in writing, with both of your signing it. Then, there will be no reason that one parent will not know where the children are.

Vacationing with your children can be so much fun and much needed after a busy school and work year. To ensure that your children get the summer that they deserve, make sure that you are both willing to follow the agreed on arrangements and talk about your vacations. It may help to put it in writing so you both have a copy of the summer plans.

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