9.7Susan M. Hais

Mediation is often used to settle many disputes between parties willing to discuss them. These could be conflicts between neighbors, creditors, contractors, business partners, and merchants. Landlord and tenant disputes are helped with mediated agreements.  Complex financial disputes are also resolved with experienced mediators.

A common and increasingly popular way for couples to negotiate the terms of their divorce is a specialized area of mediation. Difficult family situations can also be resolved through mediation, especially when several relatives need to come to an agreement such as child care, custody arrangements, and elder care.  Everyone can have a voice in these delicate family matters.

The outcome of a mediated dispute is determined by the parties involved. A mediator facilitates negotiations but does not make any determinations as to the outcome. They are there to help in the process and to educate about the steps of mediation.

Some disputes are not best settled by a judge or magistrate but by the litigants themselves.

Mediation provides an opportunity to get to core issues of a dispute which might not be readily apparent. Sometimes it’s not the tree that straddles the property line between homeowners that’s in dispute. It may be the “last straw” between two old friends who haven’t spoken in years and they stopped respecting each other. Litigating homeowner rights in court will be decided based on the law. Neighbors get to talk to one another and decide together what to do about the tree – if anything through mediation.

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