While it can occasionally happen, divorce doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Sometimes you can just sit back and watch your marriage crumble. When that happens, it is unlikely you will stay together if you are no longer in love, especially in this day and age when divorce is so common and accepted. However, while moving funds and assets around is illegal pre-divorce, there are some steps you can take to prepare.

Gather Your Documents
During the divorce process, the courts will pour over much of your married life in order to decide who gets what and how much. However, you may need these documents for your records as well. Furthermore, gathering documents can be a way to preserve them from any destruction or altering by your spouse. Consider collecting tax returns, bank statements, mortgage statements, investment and retirement account records, and insurance policies.

Consider Living Situations
While living situations are often worked out when the filing is done, it might be best to have somewhere to go if things get rough. Stay with family or a friend, don’t just count on being able to cohabitate peacefully or count on your spouse leaving.

Get the Right Divorce Lawyer
If there is one thing to do above all others when you see your marriage deteriorating before your eyes, it is to talk to a lawyer. Not only does hiring a divorce lawyer prior to divorce help you get to know if they are right for you, but they can advise you and what steps to take. If you are concerned about opening a new bank account that is not shared, they can help make sure it is done in a way that won’t hurt your divorce.

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